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METHODS WORK. Now my dog Hogan and I understand exactly what to do when

we're on a walk or out chasing a pheasant in South Dakota, Charlie's methods get to the

heart of the matter in a way you'll believe in...remember...and use!"

- Chris Helgeson, CEO BoostSales360

Charlotte, NC


Charlie Jurney of Beaverdam Kennels has made a world of difference in the way I train

my dog, Max. He has helped me see, and more importantly understand, the nuances of

dog behavior and the refinements necessary to take my training to a higher level. This

has resulted in better teamwork between my dog and me. Charlie not only understands

dogs but also has the ability to communicate and effectively transfer his knowledge to

people of all ages and all experience levels. I’ve trained with Charlie everyday in some

of the nastiest conditions and I can truly say that everyday is a great day to train dogs at

Beaverdam Kennels.

- Russ Zemba

Sherrills Ford, NC


"I have run the gamut of dog owners in my life. From a know-nothing owner of

a 'newspaper pup' that I attempted to train myself and then brought to

Charlie, to a fairly sophisticated owner of a third generation hunter and

(hopefully) a champion hunting retriever. He has always been honest about

my dogs and my own abilities and shortcomings. Dog training is not for the

faint of heart. It takes guts and determination to develop the dog and the

owner so that they hunt in harmony. Charlie fits the bill in spades. If

you want a hunt test champion (and you have the genes) he can do that. If

you want a great hunting companion that will never let you down, he can do

that also."

-Carl Howard COO/VP AUTOBELL Car Wash Inc

Charlotte, NC


I have had 3 dogs that Charlie has trained. They have improved my

hunting enjoyment immensely! Charlie, Cathy, and the crew at Beaverdam

are the best. Knowing Charlie and his dogs has been a blessing for my

hunting and family.

Thanks, Charlie!

-Pete Lien

Rapid City, South Dakota


Charlie has a unique ability to read and train dogs and even more so, the ability to train

"Handlers". I learned more from Charlie after attending two of his seminars than

reading numerous books and watching endless videos. A big heartfelt thanks to Charlie

for all he has done for me and my curly haired dogs.

- Rich Louter

Moreland, Georgia

Louter Creek Hunting Poodles


Our family, and our dogs, love Beaverdam Kennels and Charlie Jurney! Over the years

we have had 4 Great Danes, three were rescues, and one we got from a breeder as a

puppy. We were fortunate enough to have found Charlie, and he has trained all of

them. The adult dogs came back as well behaved as the puppy. It is clear that he

understands dogs and how they work and enjoys being around them. His system really

works, and we love that it is simple for us and the dogs to understand and learn. We are

in the process of finding a hunting dog (a switch to a lab) and there was no question that

Charlie would be the one to get her ready for her first bird season! We recommend

Charlie and Beaverdam Kennels to anyone looking for great training both in obedience

and hunting!

-Beth Paramore

Florence, SC


The first dog training video I ever watched, like many others, was Water Dog. As the

owner of a new puppy, the video was very inspiring to me. After several months of

training on my own, I was fortunate enough to meet the “guy” in the video. Since my

first meeting with Charlie, he has helped me with open arms. He allowed me to spend

countless hours at his kennel observing how he trained and his techniques. He has an

incredible talent of reading and communicating with dogs, but what separates Charlie

from most trainers is his ability to train the owners and handlers. I now have two

GRHRCH MH labs, and this would have never been possible without Charlie’s help

and time. Thanks for everything.

-Jeff Huggins

 Latta, SC

GRHRCH Copper’s Top Gunner MH

GRHRCH Southbound River Delta MH


What I was looking for in a professional dog trainer was somebody who was willing to

help me with improving my skills as an amateur trainer. Charlie has more than filled

that requirement. He has been willing to coach me and impart his many years of

experience running dogs at the highest level. Charlie and I have become good friends

both professionally and personally.

-Don White

Hampton, New Hampshire

HRC Region 2 Field Representative


Charlie, I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You for your experience,

professionalism, and results with my dog Rudy. I should also acknowledge how

important your book “Finished Dog” was in getting him started as a puppy. If I had the

time, I’m sure I could have used the instruction there to have a very solid retriever.

Even still, your book helped me lay a solid foundation with the pup so he could

springboard forward from there. Being that my time is pulled in many ways these days,

having Rudy join you for training made a great deal of sense.

I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I have been with the results that Rudy has

learned from being at Beaverdam Kennels training with you. From force fetching him

to many of the intricate retrieves simulating real world hunting scenarios, I have been

blown away by the success your training imparted to my dog. Some of the long

retrieves over hundreds of yards at your facility just make you proud as a dog owner to

watch him navigate and complete the retrieves.

I should also thank you for your help to me as a dog handler/owner to reinforce the skill

set he learned with you. Even as an owner of many retrievers, I didn’t really realize all

of things I did wrong as a handler and owner. It has helped me pass that information to

my family as well so we are all being consistent with him.

Having a retriever that is so competent in the field is such a great feeling that it allows a

great deal of confidence when heading hunting.

Thank you again for all you have done to help Rudy and me as a retriever and dog


-Matt Honeycutt

Winston Salem, NC


My family has had four dogs trained by Charlie going back as far as 1999. We could

not be happier with the results we have had.

Our first two dogs we sent to Charlie were smart but untrained so they would get into a

lot of trouble. Charlie not only trained them but also trained us to properly take

advantage of their new obedience skills. Our male dog was deathly afraid to get into a

car or anything but when Charlie was done he would leap into my open truck window

on command!

Our current dog who is there now is a hunting dog getting prepared to earn her UKC

Hunting Retriever Club Hunt Test titles. Charlie's training is amazing and his ability to

train me to perform the commands and signals properly is even more amazing. He takes

the foreign language of the dog, translates it, and also uses analogies to add the proper

context so that understanding is quick & easy. Oh, and did I mention she's a Standard


If you have a dog I recommend talking to Charlie about what you need because he can

definitely deliver!

-Phillip, Patty & Harlan Comer

Charlotte, NC


In my opinion nothing is more important to a single young man than his dog. I can say

with 100% certainty I trust Charlie Jurney in and out of the field with mine. From the

training fields to the setups at the UKC Grand Hunt Tests, I am confident in Charlie’s

knowledge of the sport. Charlie’s ability to quickly take your dog in at Beaverdam and

build a wealth of knowledge of your pup’s tendencies, both good and bad, is

remarkable. Lastly, I appreciate Charlie’s honesty….things won’t always go pup’s way

at hunt tests (unfortunately!)…but it is incredibly comforting knowing Charlie is a

straight shooter. Charlie will tell you where it all went wrong – BUT – he’s never

without an answer for the next time!

-Bart Tracy

Charleston, SC


My first dog with Beaverdam was a Chessie. She went through the obedience program

and then was sent home to be the best porch dog ever. With Charlie, he tells you just

like it is black or white no gray! I told him I wanted a hunt test dog. After he told me to

take her home, he said “you can try again”. Brutally honest he is. So we did two

chocolate females and with a woman that wanted to handle her own dogs, he never

hesitated. We gave it a shot. Earning two GRHRCH UH titles for my chocolates and

HRCH for my Chessie boy, I think we accomplished more than he ever thought

possible. So much time he spent with us and countless phrases “What are you waiting

for”, “you can’t be late with that whistle”,”Why are you sitting there, get your dog this

ain”t no spectator sport”. He needs an award for handling all the ladies that he trained

along with their dogs! He is the reason for all the success we had. Never could have

done it without him. From the manners in the house and duck blinds to the corn fields,

my dogs are top notch. Beaverdam added so much more than just dog training to the

last 3 years for my Father. Daily, he would go with me to listen to the mudslinging,

storytelling and betting on lunch. He loved all the people there. His most favorite was

the tail gating at the hunt test! This is a great place to be a part of. Super special in my

heart! Thanks for all you all have done for us. I will be back!

-Sonya Garmon

Lincolnton N.C




Wagoner boykins.jpg

When I decided to switch from pointing dogs to retrieving, I really did not have a

clue ( thought I did ). After working and talking with numerous professionals I finally

found Beaverdam Kennels and Charles Jurney. Charlie showed and shared with me

his years of experience. Nothing was hidden from me, when he ran his string of dogs,

he shared information on each one, their problems , what he was hoping to accomplish,

and how he was going to do it. His methods are proven with each step of

training rolling right into the next. Nor was Charlie bashful in correcting my

inefficiencies as a Handler. I find his work ethic and honesty beyond reproach. Many

times I have trained with him in downpours when I would have rather (and would have)

stayed in bed. Through his methods and insight, we have developed one National

Champion, two HR Champions, two that will obtain their HRCH this year, and a strong

candidate for the Boykin Nationals this year. If you have any questions about Charles

Jurney please contact me (anytime).

-Lance Waggoner

17207 Staunton Bunker Hill Rd

Staunton, IL 62088                    618-550-0222