John Hardy Testimonial for Beaverdam Kennels


 “When I decided to switch from pointing dogs to retrieving, I really did not have a clue (thought I did). After working and talking with numerous professionals I finally found Beaverdam Kennels and Charles Jurney. Charlie showed and shared with me his years of experience. Nothing was hidden from me, when he ran his string of dogs, he shared information on each one, their problems, what he was hoping to accomplish, and how he was going to do it. His methods are proven with each step of training rolling right into the next. Nor was Charlie bashful in correcting my inefficiencies as a Handler. I find his work ethic and honesty beyond reproach. Many times I have trained with him in downpours when I would have rather (and would have) stayed in bed. Through his methods and insight, we have developed one National Champion, two HR Champions, two that will obtain their HRCH this year, and a strong candidate for the Boykin Nationals this year. If you have any questions about Charles Jurney please contact me (anytime).”

-   Lance Waggoner

17207 Staunton Bunker Hill Rd

Staunton, IL 62088


Now my dog Hogan and I understand exactly what to do when we're on a walk or out chasing a pheasant in South Dakota, Charlie's methods get to the heart of the matter in a way you'll believe in...remember...and use!"

- Chris Helgeson

CEO BoostSales360

Charlotte, NC

“Charlie Jurney of Beaverdam Kennels has made a world of difference in the way I train my dog, Max. He has helped me see, and more importantly understand, the nuances of dog behavior and the refinements necessary to take my training to a higher level. This has resulted in better teamwork between my dog and me. Charlie not only understands dogs but also has the ability to communicate and effectively transfer his knowledge to people of all ages and all experience levels. I’ve trained with Charlie everyday in some of the nastiest conditions and I can truly say that everyday is a great day to train dogs at Beaverdam Kennels.”

- Russ Zemba

  Sherrills Ford, NC


Todd Sadler Testimonial


"I have run the gamut of dog owners in my life. From a know-nothing owner of a 'newspaper pup' that I attempted to train myself and then brought to Charlie, to a fairly sophisticated owner of a third generation hunter and (hopefully) a champion hunting retriever. He has always been honest about my dogs and my own abilities and shortcomings. Dog training is not for the faint of heart. It takes guts and determination to develop the dog and the owner so that they hunt in harmony. Charlie fits the bill in spades. If you want a hunt test champion (and you have the genes) he can do that. If you want a great hunting companion that will never let you down, he can do that also."

- Carl Howard


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Troy Wheatley Testimonial