Owned by Charles and Cathy Jurney

(GRHRCH UH GMHRCH CJ’s Shortstop X GRHRCH UH BS’s Sassy Southern Spirit) 

Yellow – OFA Good LR-149545G26M-PI – CERF – Normal LR-43053/2005-26

Rebel has matured from the puppy you can see on our “puppies” page to the most talented dog for his age that I have seen. His marking skills and enthusiasm to go to work each day are unsurpassed. I expect him to be one of the great producers in his lifetime as his children are now earning HRCH finished titles with style and precision. Rebel earned his HRCH well before two years of age and passed his first Grand in Bowie, Texas at 22 months of age. Shortly after that he attained his 500th HRC point and is currently well over 1000 points and cruising. Rebel finished his GRHRCH at the 2006 spring Grand Hunt in Jackson, Louisiana at age three. He told me that he did not want to stop until he had 3000 points and then we would talk about it. His dad was a great blessing in my life but Rebel could be my “dog of a lifetime”.


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GRHRCH UH GMHRCH CJ’s Shortstop  -  “Scoop”-

Now gone but Stud Dog Emeritus at the kennel

Owned by Charles and Cathy Jurney

(GMHR WR Bay Creek Dan, M.H. X GMHR WR Lisa’s Alligator Alley)

Yellow – OFA Excellent – CERF Normal

Scoop is the best all around dog I have owned. He earned his 1000th NAHRA point at four years of age and has qualified as a member of the All-American team multiple times.  He is the only dog to hold the coveted HRC GRHRCH and NAHRA GMHRCH titles. Scoop was the featured dog in the training video, Water Dog and has been featured in retriever demonstrations across North America. In previous breedings, he has produced multiple Grand Hunting Retriever Champions, Hunting Retriever Champions  and Grand Master Hunting Retrievers out of different litters. Scoop passed the Fall 2002 International Grand Hunt in Esterwood, Louisiana and earned his Grand Hunting Retriever title by passing the 2003 Caroiina’s Fall Grand in Anderson, SC.  He is also a member of the elite HRC 500 point club.


GRHRCH GMHR Duckin’ Double Bogey – “Bogey”

Owned by Samantha Williams

(GMHR Raw’s Southland Duck Soup X Crow’s Riverview Jessie)

Black – OFA Good – CERF Normal

Bogey is a high performance male with extraordinary skills. His marking and lining abilities are as good as any I have seen. Bogey is quickly becoming one of the great producers for the Labrador breed. His previous litters are some of the most talented group of dogs I have worked with. Bogey passed the Fall 2002 International Grand Hunt in Esterwood, Louisiana and earned his GRHRCH title by passing the Spring 2003 Grand Hunt in Memphis, Tennessee. He currently has five Grand passes. Bogey earned his membership into the HRC 500 point club in the fall of 2003, 1000 point club in the spring of 2005 and 1500 point club in the spring of 2006.