Our training programs are customized to fit your needs. We do not have classes or menu type schedules. This allows each dog to proceed toward the goals of the client at their own pace. Paramount to us is having both dog and owner maintain a controlled positive attitude while progressing through the goals of the program.

If you are in need of any training equipment or if you would like to learn more about what tools we use in our training sessions please contact us. We have used most of the available products and will give you an honest opinion on its merits and faults. We also offer excellent pricing on all of our training equipment.

Beaverdam Kennels is home to some of the best producing studs in North America. Each of the following dogs has earned field titles, live in the home and spend the fall hunting.


Our training programs specialize in retrievers for the field or competition. If you desire a well-mannered hunting companion or a Grand Hunting Retriever Champion, we are the kennel for you. We are active participants in the United Kennel Club’s Hunting Retriever Club having produced many Grand Hunting Retriever Champions, Hunting Retriever Champions, Upland Hunters and Hunting Retrievers. The HRC hunt tests have become a passion for us. In the past, we ran the American Kennel Club hunt test and the North American Hunting Retriever Association programs placing many dogs on the NAHRA all-American team with passes at the RAW NAHRA Invitational. Beaverdam Kennels has produced seven NAHRA 1000-point dogs and more Grand Master Hunting Retrievers and Master Hunting Retrievers than any other facility in North America.

     The majority of our time is spent with the dogs, but our primary focus is to develop a client that can comfortably handle his/her dog in the field or in competition It is not unusual for us to have fifteen or twenty people train with us each day and you are always welcome to spend a training day at Beaverdam Kennels. Having a client that can handle their dog through the hazards of a hunt test is far more rewarding for us than having the dog alone perform the skill.